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Rather than simply choosing to color outside of the lines on occasion, Theo eyewear prefers to redefine the lines entirely. Theo Eyewear is a high-end Belgian eyewear brand born out of a deep love and commitment to designing frames that turn heads and leave lasting impressions.

The Eye Gallery in Houston is proud to offer only the best, most unique frames to you, and we have a hunch that once you see our selection of Theo in Houston, you will fall in love with the groundbreaking, anti-mainstream designs Theo produces just as much as we have.


Theo Eyewear is a Belgium-based producer of the finest and funkiest one-of-a-kind frames. Theo was established in 1989, when two opticians, Wim Somers and Patrick Hoet, both owners of their own stores at the time, were both attending a trade show in Paris when they decided they wanted to team up and design eyewear that was unlike anything else the world had ever seen. They were bored of the run-of-the-mill frames they kept coming across, and thus decided to begin designing frames that would help the wearers stand out from the masses. The original behind Theo was…

“don’t just see better – also look better”

This intention is still visible into each and every pair of frames they design today. Theo, an anagram of Hoet, is based in Antwerp, a city historically known for its ports, and more recently associated with bustling creativity and a unique approach to fashion and design. After more than 30 successful years, Theo’s idiosyncratic must-have pieces can be found in more than 1,400 specialty shops in more than 50 countries.

Theo sought out to manufacture frames with the wearer in mind that were not just an accessory, but actually a piece of the wearer’s own personality. This dynamic approach led Theo to begin using a simple phrase that perfectly encapsulates the passion and vigor infused in the designs:

“Theo loves You”

This is powerful because it reminds the wearer that Theo Eyewear is specifically made with each and every person wearing their frames in mind, with only the best intentions.

Theo continues the long tradition of producing outrageous, bright, and quirky eyewear. No matter your style, you can easily find a pair of Theo glasses to compliment any style. Although originally designed with the avant-garde in mind, Theo Eyewear has gained traction by being an easygoing, bright, playful brand that allows people to tap into their creativity.

Extremely versatile, this unconventional eyewear is the perfect companion for fashionistas, trendsetters, and individualists alike. Theo keeps you on your toes. Theo glasses are ideal for the headstrong who are not afraid to dream big and dare boldly. Despite the edginess of the frames, Theo Eyewear claims that their frames are actually made special by the wearer’s own secret ingredient – their one-of-a-kind personality. That is exactly why we have the best selection of Theo in Houston; helping you highlight your unique personality is one of the best parts of doing what we do.


Theo Swims Upstream

According to Theo, “When the mob is headed for the ocean, we set off to the mountains. We don’t follow trends; we trust our own creativity.” Theo chooses to swim upstream and against the current. With Theo Eyewear, anything goes. Theo turns heads by marrying luxury with electrifying spontaneity. Theo eyewear offers up a brand-new perspective, one that brings color into the world. Theo glasses invite you to tap into the childlike wonder of the world and ask you to be bold, be kind, be different, and express yourself. Theo Eyewear knows it is all about the details, so they make sure the details of each frame foster creativity in one way or another. Theo in Houston provides our customers with glasses that allow you to express your fullest and truest self.

Each Theo Eyewear collection is intentionally designed with a specific underlying theme in mind. Originality is at the core of their approach, with new ideas emerging every year for more than 30 years. Theo loves to add a touch of humor to their collections. For example, Theo launched a “Spaghetti” collection in 1996. Each pair of frames had some sort of pasta shape incorporated into them.

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Another brilliant collection Theo Eyewear has produced was their “Arches” collection, which was deeply inspired by the raw beauty of mother nature. They particularly drew inspiration from the world’s most breathtaking volcanic scenes. Fast forward to 2021, where Theo is currently offering the “Typeface” collection. According to Theo, the Typeface collection offers “a typeface for each face type.” The elegant, full-on radiant designs of this collection add character to the wearer’s face.

However, as important as sleek designs with exhilarating forms and colors are, they mean nothing without functionality. Theo glasses brilliantly have mastered this balance, which is an exquisite art. Although the frames might appear to be a bit heavy when looking, Theo has magically found a way to create frames that are extremely lightweight. These impeccably easy-to-wear frames make them ideal for all-day wear, ensuring you never have to compromise on style or comfort. Theo fuses uncompromising durability and superior craftsmanship with compelling angular features. If this meets your criteria for the perfect glasses, come check out our selection of Theo in Houston.


Theo Eyewear – refined, edgy, colorful

Theo Eyewear has a refined process that uses only the most state-of-the-art technology. This ensures an exclusively cutting-edge design made of only the highest qualities, perfect for the discerning customer. Theo selectively balances their frames, using both warm acetate that is flawlessly contrasted by the coolness of the titanium used.

Theo Eyewear is widely recognized as being a spearhead in the luxury eyewear industry. In fact, Theo has won many awards for its incredible frames. For example, in 2019, TEF magazine and LOFT eyewear came together to create the LOFTxTEF awards. Both LOFT and TEF are widely known in the industry for supporting independent eyewear brands.


All winners for each category were selected by a respected jury comprised of various optical journalists and influencers, as well as opticians. Theo won the awards for best technical frame category and best fashion frame. This truly depicts how Theo has simultaneously managed to perfect the design and functionality of their frames. When you think of Theo eyewear, you can think of uncompromising durability, superior craftsmanship, and the most compelling and colorful designs available. When you see our selection of Theo in Houston, you will quickly understand what we are saying.

we are here to help

Theo Eyewear is truly extraordinary and is one of the most self-willed brands of designer eyewear available on the market. The Eye Gallery delights in the process of connecting with our customers and helping you find the perfect pair of frames. We are always so grateful for the trust you place in us to help you with you styling and fit needs and would love to help you select your new pair of Theo in Houston. Theo loves you, and we are certain you will soon love Theo right back.


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