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Jacques Marie Mage (JMM) is a designer eyewear brand that simultaneously tips its hat to historical elements while exuding an innovative playfulness with its designs. World-class craftsmanship seamlessly fuses with artisanal attention to detail to provide truly unique frames that are not merely accessories, but bold statement pieces.

The Eye Gallery in Houston takes great pleasure in providing our customers eyewear options that are beautifully designed, chic, and memorable, and Jacques Marie Mage checks all of those boxes and more.


Jacques Marie Mage is a Los-Angeles based producer of limited-edition eyewear. Founded in 2014 by French designer, Jerome Jacques Marie Mage, it is his vision that every pair of spectacles be a culmination of stories, each depicting its own narrative. In his own words,

“Individuality is an idea that demands its own unique expressions.”

Handcrafted in Japan and Italy, two countries which have historically been pioneers in beauty and design, it is no exaggeration to say that each pair of JMM glasses is truly a timeless, collectible item.


history as inspiration

JMM seeks to infuse their frames with components of vintage themes from various periods throughout history, including the French First Empire, New Brutalism, Art Deco, and Neo-Cubist periods, just to name a few. They also draw inspiration from numerous cultural icons, such as Carlo Mollino (Italian architect and designer), Bob Dylan, Pier Paolo Pasolini (Italian film director, poet, writer, and intellectual), Henry Moore (semi-abstract English artist), and Joan Miró (Spanish painter, sculptor, and ceramicist), amongst many others.

Jacques Marie Mage

Jacques Marie Mage skillfully takes a multi-generational, cross-continental, and multicultural approach, consciously weaving in historic motifs with avant-garde imagination. Combining daring geometric shapes with powerful storytelling provides customers with spectacles that are meaningfully idiosyncratic. They meticulously balance sophistication, flamboyance, and eccentricity. Whether you are a big thinker seeking to leave an impression, or more of a wallflower looking for something simple, yet unique, Jacques Marie Mage has you covered.


Jacques Marie Mage - functional and captivating

No matter your need, JMM has a variety of options to choose from to guarantee your selection serves your purpose without compromising on aesthetics. Jacques Marie Mage offers a versatile assortment of optical frames for those of you who either need to update your prescriptive frames or are just craving something new and exquisite. Additionally, they have stunning sunglasses to help you prepare for the sunnier days that are just around the corner. Lastly, we don’t want to forget to mention the possibility of adding special blue blocking lenses to your JMM frames. We’re all on screens more than ever before, and the blue light can really take a toll on our eyes. Ease digital eye strain, reduce glare, and increase the clarity of your vision with a pair of Jacques Marie Mage frames with added blue-blocking lenses to boast a refined, effortlessly cool swagger.

Jacques Marie Mage

Though it likely goes without saying, each pair of Jacques Marie Mage frames is fashioned with only the highest quality materials. JMM truly sets the standard with the materials used for their frames, and we can attest that you will notice the difference this makes. They use Japanese acetate, beta titanium alloys, sterling silver, and other precious metals. Furthermore, every pair of frames comes with a handcrafted Italian leather case to ensure safe transport. Each purchase also comes with JMM’s letterhead press certificate that matches the frame model and limited-edition manufacturing number, as well as the craftsmen signature.

Each purchase is a victory for wildlife

As if we did not have enough reasons to love Jacques Marie Mage already, we are also very keen on their philanthropically aligned approach. JMM is an ecologically conscious brand deeply passionate about national park conservation. Specifically, they emphasize the protection of wildlife within the parks. Jacques Marie Mage is a proud sponsor of Yellowstone Forever and Living with Wolves, two evidence-driven organizations dedicated to sustaining gray wolf populations.

JMM donates a percentage of each pair of frames sold to these organizations with the intent to contribute to the protection of these magnificent creatures and spread awareness of the importance of doing so. When you purchase a pair of Jacques Marie Mage frames, you are doing more than just up-leveling any look, you are also playing a part in helping to preserve wildlife and ensure its posterity.

a truly rare pair of frames

Something else really special about JMM is that all of their spectacles are made in micro batches, meaning (very) limited production batches. Some of their batches have even been as small as 50 pairs of a particular style of frame! Yes, that means there are only 50 of them circulating throughout the globe. Talk about having something that is truly rare and unlike anything else you can find.

In addition to providing an element of exclusivity by supporting customization and personalization, micro-production also allows Jacques Marie Mage to abide by the most ethical production practices regarding both workers and the environment. Producing in small batches requires less energy, less material, and a smaller factory size, therefore resulting in reduced waste and emissions. There is also increased productivity, more flexibility within production, and higher quality control standards to ensure the spectacles always transcend expectations. Micro-production is a much more sustainable approach and we love that JMM is at the forefront of this shift.

we are here to help

The Eye Gallery is the ONLY Jacques Marie Mage dealer in Houston. Come check out the brilliance of Jacques Marie Mage frames in person at either Eye Gallery location. We sincerely believe they are at the intersection of form, function, and fairness. We are here to help to remove the guesswork to ensure that no matter which pair you end up going with, your selection is impeccable and fits flawlessly to your features. We are so grateful for the opportunity to assist with all of your fit and styling needs, delivering a personalized experience from start to finish each and every time you come in.


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