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Have you been curious about the luxury French eyewear brand, Anne et Valentin? A unique pair of glasses flawlessly suited to your face is quite possibly the best accessory you could invest in. Yes, we know we might be a bit biased, but hear us out. The perfect pair of frames has the ability to completely transform and up-level any outfit. They can help you establish a signature look that is exclusively yours.

Although there are several incredible brands to choose from here at The Eye Gallery in Houston, we are certain you will fall in love with Anne et Valentine, for it is a love story brought to life itself.


The story behind the frames...

Anne et Valentin is a high-end French eyewear brand that truly embodies “haute couture”. Its style is somehow non-conformist, high-end, and elegant without looking manufactured.

Established in 1984 in the whimsical city of Toulouse in Southern France, the brand was named after its founders, Anne and Valentin. With Valentin’s background as an optician and Anne’s artistic creativity, the couple’s combined skillset birthed something entirely new and revolutionary to the market; something that is as enchanting and captivating as their story of falling in love and starting the business together.


Carving their own Path from the beginning

The couple saw shortcomings in the way the market was operating by targeting the masses. Thus, they boldly and brilliantly decided to take a different approach. They sought to create dynamic and original frames based on a deeper understanding of their customers. Rather than producing bland, run-of-the-mill frames, they decided to push the envelope. Together, they came up with simple, yet chic designs that were unfailingly radical and unique. Anne and Valentin were not afraid to experiment with eclectic designs, mixing various shapes, sizes, and colors. When discussing their approach, they have said they are “using color to improve expression,” and we’d go so far as to say each pair is truly a work of art. They have several collections now, each one telling its own story that is reflective of the stories of real people.


With so many options to choose from for luxury eyewear at The Eye Gallery, you might be wondering if Anne et Valentin is a good fit for you. Anne et Valentin is the perfect selection if you are not afraid to step outside of the box... to march to the beat of your own drum with confidence. If you have been looking for the perfect pair of frames that balances sophisticated and put-together with lively and playful, Anne et Valentin is your answer.


Anne et Valentin frames ooze exuberance and a passion for life.

As important as aesthetic is in locating the right pair for you, quality is equally as important. Yes, Anne et Valentin glasses are sure to get you some second glances when you are walking down the street. However, they are also sure to hold up well. Made with only the finest quality of materials, the frames are sturdy and durable. Their high quality ensures you get to enjoy them for many years. Additionally, each pair comes with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty. After 30 years of producing frames, Anne et Valentin has mastered the art of paying attention to every detail. They guarantee customer satisfaction exceeds expectations with each pair.


Whether you are still on the fence or you have made up your mind that Anne et Valentin is the choice for your next frame purchase, come see us at The Eye Gallery. We would love to help you make your selection and answer any questions you might have. At The Eye Gallery, we sincerely believe fitting eyewear is an art and each client’s experience should be personalized to them. We are so grateful for you placing your trust in us to go along this journey with you to find the perfect pair of glasses and your new favorite accessory.


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