The Most Coveted Selection of Sunglasses in Houston

Oh, summer, how we love thee. There is no better way to spend a beautiful summer day than by soaking in the sun poolside or on the beach, preferably with a delicious, cold drink in hand. Once you have established your summertime hang out spot of choice, it is important to make sure you are fully prepared with all of the right summer accessories. After all, you want to enjoy the summer in style! There is no better way to make a splash this summer than with the perfect pair of dazzling sunglasses. Come by either of The Eye Gallery locations for the best, most unique selection of sunglasses in Houston.


Sleek Styles

The Eye Gallery searches far and wide to ensure that we offer you a highly coveted assortment of sunglasses from the most sought-after luxury brands in the world. Whether you are seeking something playful and colorful, or something more classic, The Eye Gallery has a style for everyone’s own style and preferences. Your sunglasses should serve as an accessory to further express yourself while enjoying being outdoors. Therefore, we are so honored to serve you as the best source for sunglasses in Houston.

Get a Fresh Perspective with These Sought-After Brands

The Eye Gallery is proud to offer you the most exclusive luxury eyewear brands in the world, which makes us a highly sought out boutique for sunglasses in Houston. Although asking us to choose our favorite brand is like asking us to choose a favorite child, we do have some go-to picks that we will always be quick to suggest.

First up, Jacques Marie Mage, always! Jacques Marie Mage sunglasses always offer the perfect blend of sophistication, elegance, fun, and freedom. All Jacques Marie Mage frames make an iconic addition to any collection, hands down.

Another incredibly popular brand right now is Anne et Valentin. Their crystalline colors, such as the soft blues and pinks, are among the most coveted sunglasses. They are a call to life itself, which is exactly the type of accessory you want in the summertime!

Furthermore, Matsuda is another brand that we just cannot seem to keep in-stock in either of The Eye Gallery locations because everyone is trying to get their hands on a pair. Specifically, the industrial Matsuda styles seem to be in especially high demand. According to their website, “these sunglasses are a contemporary exploration of the safety glasses worn by industrial workers in the early 1900s.”

Find Your Perfect Pair

No matter which brand you go with, you cannot go wrong with any of the amazing offerings we have in both of our locations. The Eye Gallery takes great pride in providing our customers with sunglasses that are sleek and sophisticated, while also boasting eclectic elements with vibrant colors and funky shapes. Therefore, we truly believe we have the most unique assortment of sunglasses in Houston!


While all the brands The Eye Gallery carries are well-known for being the most on-trend, distinctive frames available on the market, we do have some that are notoriously desired. Specifically, this summer, Jacques Marie Mage. These sunglasses just seem to go as quickly as we get them in. There are so many beautiful styles available that everyone can find a pair they fall in love with. They come with beautifully made acetate frames, and a quality that is simply unmatched. Being among the most beautiful sunglasses in Houston, they are sure to leave a lasting impression.

Additionally, all Jacques Marie Mage frames are made in micro batches, meaning they are quite literally some of the most limited edition sunglasses in the world. If standing out from the crowd and expressing yourself uniquely is your thing, then Jacques Marie Mage sunglasses are the solution for you.

When looking for your next pair of sunglasses in Houston, you are probably wondering which styles are the most popular right now.

Let’s start with the classic go-to style. It has been around for decades and will stay around: the perfectly rounded style. These sunnies are just delightful. They are sexy, chic, and free spirited all at once, which is why this style is here to stay.

A new trend that is incredibly popular right now is the elongated rectangle shape of frames. This long, sleek style is bringing something funky and fresh to the table, and we are here for it.


Expert Advice for Selecting Your Sunglasses

Often when selecting a pair of sunglasses, people do not know exactly which characteristics are the best to take into consideration to make the best option. Face shape, bridge shape, client specifications relative to the prescription, and material are all important considerations our team of experts makes when helping you select your new pair of sunglasses in Houston.

We know it can feel exciting and maybe even a bit overwhelming to choose when there are so many wonderful options for sunglasses in Houston at The Eye Gallery. Our biggest piece of advice that we would give is to come in with an open mind. We just want to invite you to be open to changing what you might have thought you wanted in terms of frames before coming in. Consider the optician’s viewpoint since they’re the ones with the experience. They have the well-trained eye to see what will look the best on a specific face versus what won’t.

Often, our clients think they want a particular frame and then it doesn’t look how they envisioned before coming in. To be honest, this is exactly why we love what we do so much! We get to help our clients fall in love with styles they might have never considered, and we get to help build their confidence through a beautiful pair of frames in the process. It is a win-win for us!



The Eye Gallery is Here to help!

Come visit us at either of our Eye Gallery locations in Post Oak and River Oaks for a truly unique shopping experience. We will provide you with a personalized boutique experience from start to finish, helping you discover the perfect new pair of sunglasses for your beautiful face and unique features.

As a top choice for sunglasses in Houston, we are confident you will leave feeling so confident. We want you to feel excited to debut your new pair of sunglasses and bring them along for all of your future outdoor adventures!

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