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The Zeiss brand stands for the best in quality and experience when it comes to their eyewear lens technology. With unrivaled experience and knowledge in optics, they truly care about the glass they create, whether for the frames you wear every day, to the technologically sound pieces that optic professionals use in their instruments when protecting your vision.

At The Eye Gallery, we are especially loving our photochromic Zeiss lenses right now, perfect for the long lasting summer sun of Houston! They give you the UV sun protection that your eyes need, and the versatility of one frame that will meet your eyewear needs inside and out!

Come to The Eye Gallery to learn more, and ask about our Zeiss photochromic lenses!

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From Photo Fusion Blue, to Photo Fusion Extra Gray, to Pioneer Green, Zeiss progressive lenses provide various tints to help protect your eyes with the most comfortable light for you and your life.

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