Jacques Marie Mage. “Statement glasses for statement makers.”

Jacques Marie Mage, a Los Angeles-based eyewear brand, is the kind of brand that will make you feel like you are in some sort of mix between a James Bond film, and an outlaw adventure. Their artisan frames are designed and micro-produced to keep their quality at its utmost at all times.

Their campaigns love to take you to another time in history. A bold story is told, yet somehow it feels familiar. Jacque Marie Mage’s images and eyewear will have you looking stylish alongside the most interesting men and women in history


Besides their specialized products, it is their play with geometrical shapes, and their variety of materials they use that make their pieces to unique!


Let the reps at The Eye Gallery take you through our array of Jacques Marie Mage frames, and find your place in the world of JMM.

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