Theo Trunk Show – Houston’s Exclusive Luxury Eyewear Experience

Luxury means eyewear that stands out! We are so excited to present such exquisite frames from an eyewear brand that puts quality above quantity when approaching each and every design.  Crafted out of their headquarters in Belgium and made entirely from acetate, each piece is created to streamline comfort without limiting style. Most impressive of all, their eyewear foregoes any additional screws and unnecessary materials to allow for a unique and vibrant center piece to your wardrobe.

Color outside the lines with us as we exhibit the finest selection of Theo styles and colors to illuminate the next step in your eyewear experience. What does your fashion fingerprint look like? With so many vibrant pops of color and equally elegant designs, it’s hard to imagine not finding your perfect fit from our selection.

THEO TRUNK SHOW: May 6, 2022 – May 7, 2022


Theo loves you…and so do we. Don’t miss out on this exclusive event.

NOW, the important facts we’d be simply remiss to not mention… The trunk show runs from Friday, May 6 – Saturday May 7 at our River Oaks location. An expert Theo Eyewear representative will be joining our staff to assist guests as they browse and select their favorite pair to take home.

Look, it usually does not take much convincing (at least for us, anyway) when it comes to shopping; we are almost always ready for a good day of a little retail therapy. However, in case you are not so easily swayed, we feel it is important to highlight that it’s not often that we host such a specialized shopping space. It almost sounds too good to be true, but the Theo Trunk Show is really unbeatable. Where else can you find exquisite frames to suite your unique style? The Eye Gallery is your one-stop-shop for all things iconic in luxury eyewear.


The Eye Gallery is always looking for new ways to be more connected with the wonderful Houston community we know and love. One of our favorite ways to get involved is by hosting our favorite luxury eyewear brands for an exclusive shopping experience. That’s why, for two days only, we will showcase a carefully curated selection of Theo eyewear frames at our River Oaks location! Shop the Theo Trunk Show with our expert Theo eyewear rep and select frames made to accentuate your spring forward fashion.

 When given the choice between safe or bold, we hope you choose BOLD.


Call The Eye Gallery today to book your appointment for this exclusive retail experience before time runs out!


Secure your invitation and discover your new favorite accessory

Theo takes inspiration from, you guessed it, LOVE. Often times the best way to express love is through art and Theo definitely delivers when providing new and artistic displays of eyewear. Explore experimental frame styles drawn from unique combinations such as calligraphy and graffiti, nature and technology, or music and motion. Theo will never put a limit on your individual style, so don’t miss out on your personalized shopping experience. Call and book your spot at our River Oaks location!


THE THEO TRUNK SHOW: May 6, 2022 – May 7, 2022

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