RETRO eyewear is back for everyone

Retro style finds its place among music, clothing, trends, language, haircuts, you name it. But what does retro really even mean? For some of us, retro sounds like the 70’s…it’s hard to believe that the 70’s started almost 50 years ago (for some of us it still feels like 20-30!). For others retro means the 90’s, and someday today’s style will be retro too.


In 2019’s eyewear fashion, there is a

retro style for everyone’s choice!

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The 90’s retro: Narrow, rectangular

The narrow or rectangle frames are all over the streets and the runways. This style goes with just about any look as the smaller frame won’t distract from whatever you are wearing. Luckily Houston summer lasts longer than most, so you can rock these all summer and onward!

With a bit of a modern upgrade on color, and a touch of detailing, oversize shades with transparent lenses, designers have been giving us a real kick back to the 70’s. These types of classes can complement your summer fashion moment, or be one all by itself!

The 70’s retro: Oversize & Transparent

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