MYKITA – A Brand Beaming with Creativity

Here at The Eye Gallery in Houston, we have cultivated a designer eyewear collection that is hard to beat. Of course, we are intentional about selecting brands that are stylish, but it goes much deeper than just pure aesthetics for us. We have carried MYKITA for a few years now and it continues to be a fan favorite, which has led us to be a top choice for customers searching for MYKITA in Texas. Whether you are a seasoned MYKITA wearer or are curious about who this brand is, we are sure you will soon love them as much as we do!


MYKITA – Fun is Their Namesake

So, who exactly is MYKITA anyway? This German eyewear brand was founded in Berlin in 2003 by Moritz Krueger. Fascinatingly, the very first location was in a former daycare called Kita, which led to the name choice of “my kita.” The brand’s earliest foundation was built upon curiosity, playfulness, and open-mindedness, which we find still shines through the brand’s personality today and sets them apart in the eyewear market.

MYKITA began for the highly motivated self-starter who was not afraid to venture out and carve their own path in their own way. The open-minded basis of the company is interwoven into their culture and work environment today, 18 years later. As a result of establishing themselves with an innovative vision, their product designs naturally followed suit.

In 2014, MYKITA made the move to Kreuzberg in Berlin, which is a neighborhood busting at the seams with eccentric design, creativity, and people boldly being themselves. The funky energy of Kreuzberg can be felt in MYKITA’s designs, as they are always welcoming experimenting with new ideas. MYKITA is not afraid to venture out of what might be a comfort zone and play around with new styles, colors, and shapes. Even better, MYKITA never compromises on quality. Amidst the playfulness of the brand is a stark dedication to using only the finest quality materials.

At The Eye Gallery, we believe that the eyewear you buy is one of the most important investments one can make. Therefore, our intentionality behind choosing brands is always that of providing you with only the best eyewear options out there. We actively strive to have a pair of frames for all personalities, styles, and occasions because the eyewear you choose is an extension of who you are, and even who you want to be. We believe MYKITA can be the answer you have been searching for, which is why we are proud to offer you one of the best selections of MYKITA in Texas.

Independent Manufacturing as a Gold Standard

Berlin is a city simply oozing with creativity, vision, and innovation, continually inspiring new ideas across all markets. The spirit of Berlin is palpable in MYKITA’s one-of-a-kind eyewear designs. In fact, just as MYKITA was founded through good, old-fashioned hard work and ingenuity, the same is true when it comes to their creation and manufacturing process. When MYKITA was just starting out, they realized they had nobody to have manufacture their designs and bring their unique vision to life, so they chose to take a risk and implement their own in-house production methods. In fact, they designed their own tools that were specifically needed for their eyewear pieces, as well as streamlined the workflow that was best for bringing products to MYKITA’s special clientele. MYKITA beautifully merges timeless craftsmanship with modern technologies, which is a feat in and of itself.

MYKITA takes a rather straightforward approach when it comes to their design process, but it is a widely recognized approach. A distinguished element of all MYKITA designs is the openly displayed spiral hinge, which, of course, serves a vital function, but also an aesthetic identifier. This spiral hinge became part of the MYKITA identity — blending both the technical and the aesthetic.

Moreover, MYKITA is purposeful when it comes to going against the grain. They invest in researching and developing entirely new concepts, including styles, colors, and materials. If you are looking for frames that are characteristic of breaking the mold and going outside of comfort zones, MYKITA is the brand for you. Come by either of The Eye Gallery locations in Post Oak and River Oaks to see a top selection of MYKITA in Texas!

A Creative Collective

The team at MYKITA is really a creative collective, a group of designers, engineers, artists, and experts, all working together to bring forth the best and most impeccable designs possible, designs that encourage new perspectives in eyewear altogether. MYKITA is truly unique in the approach they take when designing their frames. It is a fully hands-on approach with the wearer at the center of the planning. They consider every possible detail of a wearer they can think of when creating a new design to ensure true inclusivity, providing a perfect pair of MYKITA frames for everyone.

MYKITA frames invite you to join in on the fun. When you wear MYKITA, you are joining a creative collective that exists globally. Shop one of the most coveted selections of MYKITA in Texas at our River Oaks location.

Come experience our personalized shopping experience at The Eye Gallery in River Oaks to check out our incredible selection of MYKITA. It is time to expand your eyewear collection by adding a pair of frames that is establishing their own creative standard.

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