Theo Trunk Show – One of the Most Exclusive Houston Trunk Show of the Year

Theo Eyewear — Being Featured at one of the Most Exclusive Houston Trunk Shows of the Year

Happy spring from The Eye Gallery! We are so excited to kick off another shopping event at our River Oaks location. It’s not every day that we get to close off our space for just one brand, though we like to make our trunk shows as frequent and diverse as possible to best serve our Houston community. This month, we are so eager to be welcoming Theo Eyewear into our boutique and we could not be more thrilled to highlight a brand with such bold design and made from the best lightweight materials. One of the many things we look for in our eyewear brands is comfort, and we believe that Theo’s seamless eyewear technology provides frames that not only feel great on, but also pack a punch with their edgy and eccentric style options. This trunk show is one of the most exclusive Houston trunk shows of the year.

THEO TRUNK SHOW / May 6 – May 7, 2022

ONLY at our River Oaks location


Reserve your space at this exclusive event. Hurry, spaces are limited!

Our Theo Trunk Show runs from Friday, May 6 – Saturday, May 7 at our River Oaks location. To participate in this exclusive shopping event, please call our River Oaks location to make an appointment and shop all of our Theo eyewear selections.

If you like retail therapy, start your weekend off right with The Eye Gallery. Our team is always ready to assist you as you browse our carefully curated selection.


Fortune Favors the Brave — Welcoming Millennials to the Family

Are you ready to make your choice? It’s now or never. Theo is always ahead of the curve and leading the pack with their innovative designs and styles. In fact, every single one of their eyewear collections is thoughtfully designed with a specific theme in mind. Originality is at the center of their approach and everything they do, with new ideas emerging every year for more than 30 years. Theo loves to really incorporate different elements of humanity in their collections. They are not afraid to go for anything, including humor… in fact, they even launched a “Spaghetti” collection in 1996. Each pair of frames had some sort of pasta shape incorporated into them. Most recently, however, they have released their new “Millie” line as they welcome millennials to join the long Theo lineage. This design features metal outsides and acetate insides, providing a sleek and striking look, while being lightweight and extremely durable. A pair of frames like these is a perfect option to consider as we transition into warmer weather and longer days. Theo believes millennials will conquer anything from fire to ice, and they wanted to create a pair of frames that reflected the versatility and strength of this generation. Come check out the Theo trunk show at our River Oaks location to get a glimpse at their newest and most exclusive styles. Anyone looking for the best Houston trunk show will not want to miss this.

Theo’s co-founder, Wim Somers, said it best when he said, “one frame that fits all is not for us… for that, there are contact lenses.” Simple and succinct, yet this sentiment perfectly captures the entire genius mindset behind the brand.

Theo eyewear was quite literally born out of a deep desire to break the mold and create something totally new. The co-founders jumped into this knowing it could of course pose a risk, but this bravery and adventurous spirit is still the driving force of the brand today. Although you can find something timeless and simple, Theo still finds a way to provide you with frames that give any wearer a striking, bold look. If you crave fresh insight and want to express your individuality in a new way, Theo eyewear is the perfect outlet to do so. Their eyewear is multi-dimensional and brings a beautiful depth and complexity to any look. Whether you are wanting to go out in a t-shirt and jeans or are dressing to the nines, we are quite confident that Theo eyewear will be the perfect accessory to complete the look and make you feel a bit of pep in your step any time you look in the mirror.

Theo Eyewear was founded in 1989 after two opticians, Wim Somers and Patrick Hoet, who were (funnily enough) both owners of their own stores at the time, serendipitously both happened to be attending a well-known eyewear trade show in Paris and decided they wanted to team up and create eyewear that was what they felt the world had been missing thus far. They had grown tired of continuously seeing the same styles, which prompted them to begin designing frames that would give wearers a unique look. Theo’s designs were unconventional, sophisticated, refined, and extravagant… all of which have remained consistent in their designs over the decades, which is truly a testament to their dedication to creativity. After all, Theo’s styles are truly “in honor of playfulness and a passion for bold statements.”

If you are craving a little retail therapy, start your weekend off right with one of the most incredible Houston trunk shows at The Eye Gallery. Our team is always ready to assist you as you browse our carefully curated selection. Just as Theo eyewear has chosen to put its focus on the wearer, we choose to focus on your own unique aesthetic and personality when you are in search of a new pair of frames. Sunglasses or eyeglasses, we have got you covered and will give you the proper time and attention you deserve each and every time you step through our doors. We truly love getting to serve our wonderful customers and it’s our goal to help you look and FEEL like the best version of yourself.


Summer is just around the corner and we want to help you prepare this season’s wardrobe with accessories that fit your unique personality and compliment everything that makes you, well… YOU! There will be an expert Theo Eyewear representative on-site to assist you as you begin your shopping adventure with us. Don’t hold back and let us match you with the perfect pair for whatever your unique wants and needs are! Make sure you don’t miss one of the most highly anticipated Houston trunk shows of the year!

Theo loves you. Theo loves you. Theo loves you.

Call The Eye Gallery today to book your appointment for this exclusive retail experience!

Secure your invitation and unleash your self-expression this summer!

We all move to the beat of our own drum, so why should we try to look like everybody else? One of the reasons we cannot get enough of Theo Eyewear is their commitment to never put a limit on your individual style. In fact, Theo celebrates exactly that. Don’t miss out on this personalized shopping experience. Call and book your spot at our River Oaks location!


THE THEO TRUNK SHOW: May 6, 2022 – May 7, 2022


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