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Fall Fashion is Here

Fall fashion, rustic browns, deep reds, and yellow and orange hues have filled the grounds. Temperatures are dropping and we’re all starting to pick out and wear our favorite sweaters.


Fall fashion can be elevated with the artisanal craftsmanship and vintage-inspired frames of Jacques Marie Mage. Bevel offers sleek and sophisticated eyewear for a touch of modern elegance, while Theo stands out with bold shapes and unique color combinations that add personality to any outfit. For those seeking luxury and glamour, Balmain‘s eyewear collection is sure to make a statement. Whether you’re looking for classic elegance or contemporary flair, these luxury eyewear brands have got you covered for your ultimate fall fashion wardrobe.



October 20th

Join us at our River Oaks location on October 20th for the Jacques Marie Mage Trunk Show There will be an expert JMM eyewear rep available to assist you as you shop for new sunglasses and opticals from a truly iconic luxury brand. Try out a new pair of frames or add to your fall wardrobe with a pair in your favorite style.


Embracing the autumn season in Houston means blending comfort and style seamlessly. There’s no finer way to elevate your autumn attire than with a fresh set of frames from The Eye Gallery. Whether your taste leans toward daring, oversized frames or leans towards a minimalist, streamlined aesthetic, The Eye Gallery boasts an array of choices to cater to all preferences. Our seasoned eyewear specialists stand ready to assist you in discovering the ideal fit and style, not only enhancing your visual clarity but also infusing an extra layer of refinement into your overall appearance.

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