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Ring in the New Year with Anne & Valentin

We kicked the year off gushing about how much we love Anne & Valentin, so it feels only fitting that we wrap up 2022 on the same note. After all, they have been a beloved brand all over the world for more than three decades, which is no small feat. Anne et Valentin was founded in 1984 when the founders noticed the designs in luxury eyewear were a bit… well, lackluster and unimaginative. They decided to carve out a space in luxury eyewear where creativity rules and knows no limits. Anne & Valentin designs are unique in their ability to invite you to tap into that inner spark that we all have, but sometimes lose sight of. You know the one; it’s that playfulness that we all remember from childhood, that feeling of flow that we get when we are doing something we love and our creativity overflows. 

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As we wrap up 2022 and reflect on all of the wonderful memories made and things we accomplished, we are also naturally thinking ahead to 2023. The Eye Gallery first and foremost aims to help our customers express themselves through their eyewear and evoke a sense of confidence when you put on your luxury frames. That was the driving force behind opening our doors and will continue to be what motivates us next year and every year. There is something truly remarkable about matching our customers with the perfect eyewear for them, a piece that showcases some aspect of WHO they are. Anne & Valentin is always one of our favorite suggestions for customers looking to invest in new eyewear because not only are their designs imaginative and gorgeous, they are also distinctive and unlike anything else on the market. People don’t forget a pair of Anne & Valentin frames. The team at The Eye Gallery invites you to come check out our collection of Anne et Valentin and try on as many pairs as needed to find YOUR perfect choice. 

Set a new tone this year. Come see our vast selection of Anne & Valentin eyewear.  


A Love Story that Endures…

Anne & Valentin is a beautiful manifestation of a love story that endures. This love story includes a fervent commitment to following your heart, carving out your own space in the world, and never shying away from expressing yourself and what makes you unique. Naturally, this love story has its roots in the charming, romance-filled region of Southern France

Anne & Valentin was established in 1984 in Toulouse. The brand’s name comes from its respective founders, (you guessed it): Anne and Valentin. Anne was fueled by her creativity and artistic mind, while Valentin had years of experience as an optician. Their skillsets merged beautifully, as if by design, to provide the world with the eclectic, playful, luxury frames people all over the world know and love more than 30 years later.


MARK YOUR CALENDARS: Anne et Valentin Trunk Show January 27 and 28, only at our River Oaks Location!

Trunk shows are the perfect way to learn more about the brand, have any questions answered by one of our fabulous brand reps, and get an exclusive opportunity to check out the newest collections. We love hosting these trunk shows because they are always enjoyable for everyone and very insightful. Come take a peek at the 2023 Anne & Valentin designs, have any questions you might have answered by an expert of the brand, and try on some frames to see how you like them on yourself. We would love to see you there!


The Eye Gallery carries so many wonderful brands, but Anne et Valentin has remained a top choice among our wonderful customers for years. They are the perfect balance between sophistication and chic and playful and exuberant. A new pair of Anne & Valentin frames is the perfect way to express yourself with your eyewear.

Trunk Show January 27-28, 2023. Exclusively at our River Oaks Location!


It’s all About the Details.

Of course, Anne & Valentin glasses are memorable because of how unique and gorgeous they are, but they are also so much more than that. Thanks to their commitment to superior quality, they focus on every detail, both from an aesthetic and design perspective. Anne et Valentin creates frames that are comfortable and sturdy to ensure you can enjoy them for a long time. Moreover, each pair of Anne et Valentin glasses and eyeglasses comes with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty. They continue exceeding expectations and we are so excited for their new designs in 2023. 

anne & valentin

Whether you already own a pair of these gorgeous frames or we have simply sparked some curiosity within you, we would love to help you fall in love with your next pair of frames, as well as answer any questions you might have. After more than a decade of helping customers along their eyewear journeys, we have come to discover that fitting eyewear is not only a skill that comes with the job, but truly art; therefore, each client’s experience should be tailored to them. We are so grateful for you shopping with us and can’t wait to see you!


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