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Blast from the Past: 80s Style Glasses are Back and Here to Stay

The Future is Retro – 80s Style Glasses Are Back!

The ‘80s was a decade overflowing with bright color, playful patterns and prints, vibrance and glam. Everything was big and bold in the ‘80s, from the oversized blazers, colorful body suits, high-waisted jeans, and saturated colors to the max everywhere you looked. Television shows like Stranger Things have built a near cult-like following and we would venture to guess that’s partly because of how perfectly they nailed all of the glam and glory of the ‘80s vibes in the show. It’s no wonder, then, that everyone is feeling all the nostalgia for this wondrous decade, and it’s incredibly apparent in fashion. With the rise of the ‘80s trends making a comeback, we are completely obsessed with all of the 80’s style glasses joining in on the blast from the past fun.



The comeback of the daring trends of the 80s across fashion, music, entertainment, and pop culture is being enthusiastically embraced by all generations, from Gen Z to the Baby Boomers. Aside from the potent nostalgia that comes along with these trends making a loud appearance in 2022 is something deeper; it is an invitation for us all to tap into the adventurous side of ourselves, especially when it comes to self-expression.

The 80s was a decade of extravagance and pushing the limits. Allow yourself to go big and get out of your comfort zone a bit with your clothes and accessories. When it comes to 80s style glasses, there are essentially no limits. Think: giant frames, opulent colored or funky mirror lenses, chunky designs, along with some of the classic 80s style glasses that have stood the test of time throughout the decades.



The Wayfarer: This particular style of frames just has to be called out as it is a no-brainer for being at the top of our list of 80s looks considering it was the best-selling style of sunglasses in the 80s thanks to Tom Cruise in Top Gun and many other famous celebrities sporting them. In fact, they never went out of style and the simple brilliance of the design will always endure. Jacques Marie Mage has striking wayfarer frames and would be a great starting point for anyone looking to venture into the 80s with a selection that will remain timeless.

Asymmetrical Lenses from brands such as MYKITA are also giving a special nod to the bold 80s glam we all know and love. Experimenting with asymmetrical lenses is the perfect way to add a bit of unique flair to any outfit without even having to try.

Fierce Shapes: The 80s wasn’t afraid to test the limits with idiosyncratic patterns, textures, and shapes. We are in love with all of the striking and unconventional geometric shapes that brands like Anne et Valentin are creating. Truly, the sky is the limit with all of the shapes we are seeing crop up in eyewear.

Oversized Frames: Everyone knows  signature of 80s style glasses is a chunky, oversized frame. The love for oversized frames has been completely reignited and we are seeing them left and right from all of our favorite brands. Sometimes bigger is better.


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Allow yourself to revel in the 80s nostalgia that the top brands in luxury eyewear are providing with their gorgeous frames reminiscent of 80s style glasses. Whether you are pulling your style inspo from the effortlessly cool vibes of Stranger Things or from 80s Goddess AKA Madonna, you are sure to find a pair of glasses or sunglasses that will become your new favorite accessory. A playful piece of eyewear is the perfect accessory to go all-out with.


The Eye Gallery shopping experience is intentionally and carefully made to be memorable and unlike any other.

Whether you’re wanting to venture into more eclectic fashion frames or stick with a timeless classic, the Eye Gallery is would love to assist in your eyewear journey. Featuring curated brands at the cornerstone of creative design and top-quality materials, we are sure we can help you find the perfect piece of eyewear.

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