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Choosing the best sunglasses for yourself is an important decision. When you go with a pair of sunglasses from The Eye Gallery, you can rest assured you are selecting from the best eyewear has to offer in terms of design, comfort, and functionality, while being notably chic. The Eye Gallery features a coveted curation of the best sunglasses Houston offers. Our selection boasts many of the most sought-after and beloved brands in designer eyewear from all over the globe.

We are diligent about providing you with a rare variety of sunglasses that are guaranteed to turn heads and make a statement. We are proud to be your go-to among sunglasses Houston options. Whether you need the perfect pair of sleek shades for your next beach getaway, hanging out by the pool, any other outdoor endeavors, or just as the perfect companion for your day-t0-day needs, we’ve got you covered!

Treat Yourself to a Shopping Experience Completely Tailored to You

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We have worked in the world of eyewear long enough to know that what you choose for your eyewear selection is a completely personal decision, which is why we personalize the entire process for you. Every customer has different needs, and those should all be taken into consideration with every visit. So much time is spent wearing your sunglasses throughout the whole year, so investing in supreme-quality sunglasses is a worthwhile investment. Choosing your sunglasses goes much deeper than simply looking at your face shape and features or merely going for what is trending at the moment. Trends come and go, but a pair of sunglasses perfectly tailored to you is timeless.


There is no one-size-fits-all pair of sunglasses. Each and every person’s unique features, face shape, and personal needs with their eyewear are going to vary to some degree, and our team of experts carefully considers this when deciding which brands and styles we carry. We are constantly refining our selection to ensure we provide you the very best selection of sunglasses Houston has available.



Top Quality that speaks for itself.

Our assortment of sunglasses features options made of only the most supreme quality materials available to ensure they stand the test of time and many, many adventures.


Superior quality doesn’t have to brag. As soon as you put on a pair of luxury sunglasses, the quality speaks for itself.

You deserve to experience the positive impact that the right pair of sunglasses can lend to your everyday life. We would be thrilled to help you fall in love with the perfect pair for you. Come visit us at either of our The Eye Gallery locations in Post Oak and River Oaks to see the most unparalleled selection of sunglasses Houston offers, fully complimented by our personalized shopping experience.

Firstly, The Eye Gallery is the leading luxury eyewear boutique in Houston, revered for its unique, personalized, client experience. Secondly, we are the touchstone for International designer eyewear in Houston.

The staff are amazing. If you feel overwhelmed, trust me they will work with you to find what fits you, your needs and looks good on you. They are ultra high on quality control. They check your frames, lenses and everything else to make sure there is nothing wrong with the work[…] Fun to work with and very knowledgeable. I highly recommend visiting The Eye Gallery[…] You won’t regret it!

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